Javascript games

Javascript multiplayer games

Note: Please open web page in non-secure way (http, not https) to play multiplayer games:

Game: Multiplayer test

Eat the white ball

Game: Pong

play pong

note: not finished






game of live

game of live

Path finder learning algoritm

Path finding algoritm

(aka suicide simulator)

Game: Bolle

Bolle, first release!

Worlds under construction

Traning in hell

Third World (hell): world 3-1

Instructions: Collect coins. Control with ASWD and shoot with the mouse. Press Shift to run and Ctrl to stop running. Watch out for spikes and big round hunters!
Reload fuel with S.
(Via mobilen: Klicka på rätt del av skärmen istället för pilarna)
Javascript game. Use arrow keys or press phone screen. Down arrow will refuel.

My instruction films on youtube

Bolle World 1

Bolle World 2

Bolles highscorelista

Snabblänk till hantering av Eriks highscorelista

Game: L.E.L (Mitt eget L.O.L spel)

L.E.L. version 1


Läs här

New revision

Note: not finished

Other Javascript games

Game: Ett julspel


Note: not finished

Game: Baloons Tower Defence Remake


Note: not finished

Serious Projects

School related

Online whiteboard

Online whiteboard

Other Projects

Java and Minecraft

Java - My MiscCraft Mod

My MiscCraft mod reviews on youtube (2015)

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Mod development environment with Minecraft Forge

Episode 4-9 mod environment

Instructions (pdf)

Installation instructions for Episode 4-9

Source code (zip)

Episode 7-9 source code

Episode 4, 5 and 6 source code